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Spine Aligner


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This tool works the erector muscles on either side of the spine at the same time, to facillitate stretching and elongating of the back. It also has the ridged sides to work hands and feet.


Begin at the top of the spine in one place and hold at that point for 10 deep breaths. Then work your way down the back, at each spot relax and take 10 more deep breaths.

This is not meant to be lied upon. It is for a therapist or a partner to use as a tool to do work on another person's back.

Supplemental Facts:

These massage tools originated in the orient, and are designed to be an effective method to improve your awareness of your back, posture, and spine. It is fun and easy to use and invaluable to keep your back feeling toned and alinged!

Quality products made in the USA of Pacific Northwest Alder. They use NO rainforest wood products. Each piece is ecologically finished - dipped in beeswax blended oils.


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