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Healing Arts Handbook
(Edition 1.1)


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Don't feel overwhelmed with massage therapy training! Break down the complex art of massage therapy into a simple modality independent approach. Here is what others are saying about the book:

“My textbooks cover specific topics individually; this has everything in one place.”

“The Healing Arts Handbook is very well written. It is easy to understand and comprehensive. I am impressed with the charts and graphics and can see them being very useful in the Massage and Spa industries. You have created a tool that will continue to be used in the profession for years to come.” -Phillip Mattison, President, Core Products International

“This book is a convenient, consolidated reference in preparing for the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCETMB).”

“Inclusion of the Asian/Eastern approaches gives Western eyes an introductory insight into the widely different approaches to healing.”

An innovative protocol and a comprehensive textbook essential to any massage therapist.

The Healing Arts Protocol integrates a vast array of Western and Eastern techniques for treatment of pain and injuries. Multiple modalities are now combined into a single, comprehensive and effective methodology. It includes hundreds of illustrations and photographs that help clarify and expand upon the text. Case studies are provided to show how concepts apply to the clinical practice and turn theory into reality.

Step 1, Client History
Step 2, Analysis and Testing
Step 3, Warm Tissue
Step 4, Stretching
Step 5, Treatment of Muscles
Step 6, Treatment of Attachments
Step 7, Reassessment and Stretching
Step 8, Closing of Treatment
Step 9, Wellness Coaching
Step 10, Post-treatment and Follow-up


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