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Healing Dreams
(Music CD)


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There are many theories about dreams. Some think of them as reflecting our personalities, wishes or concerns while others believe them to be prophetic. In their own mysterious way, dreams are exempt from the usual constraints of daily life. They connect us to all things possible. Dean Evenson and Scott Huckabay have collaborated on many of the albums in the Sound Healing Series with their soothing and creative melodies of flute and guitar. They also perform together in the world fusion group Sonic Tribe with vocalist Gina Sala who joins them on this album with her dreamy vocalizations.

Also adding to the mix are Dudley Evenson on harp, Jonathan Kramer on cello, and Phil Heaven on viola. This album introduces the unique tonal qualities of singing bowl master Walter Makichen.

Length: 63 Minutes

Song Lists:

1. Awakening Spirit 5:00
2. Dreamstate 4:19
3. Beyond Body 6:05
4. Portal Through The Mind 9:00
5. Visionary Temples 4:17
6. Astral Wave 6:38
7. Soul Journey 5:56
8. Heart Connection 6:07
9. Flowers To Life 9:23
10. Elevate 5:59


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