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Peace Through Music Sampler
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Soundings of the Planet celebrates their twentieth anniversary with the release of the Peace Through Music 20th Anniversary Collection. This stunning production includes 18 selections from their most successful recordings and features a bonus CD-ROM that captures the colorful history of Soundings and highlights the many talented artists collaborating with the label through the years. Selected songs include music by co-founder and master musician Dean Evenson, piano maestro Tom Barabas, tribal-trance guitar master Scott Huckabay, Gypsy guitar duo Sunyata, percussion extraordinaire Daniel Paul, and heavenly vocalist Singh Kaur also known as Lorellei. The collection also includes two very special guests, His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet and Native American Lummi, Cha-das-ska-dum Which-ta-lum.

The Evenson's early vision in the late 70's was to create a voice for the earth and it's precious resources, with the ultimate goal of reaching into urban areas and bringing a greater level of respect and harmony to the planet. They hoped to inspire people to peaceful actions through their musical creations. Their vision was soon translated to the motto, "Peace Through Music."

Soon after their first release, Soundings began receiving positive feedback from a wide variety of people who were using the music to enhance their personal healing, spiritual, or life process. Even Country superstar and Grammy Award winner Naomi Judd discovered the music to be very effective in helping her to heal from her chronic liver disease. Endorsements came from doctors, nurses, massage therapists, psychotherapists, authors, and teachers who all used the music in a variety of ways - from healing to creative inspiration. It soon became clear that this special style of music had unique powers to sooth.

Length: 61 minutes


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