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Romantic Massage Gift Basket


Light a candle and enjoy a really great massage together. This gift basket comes with unscented professional massage oil that has that perfect combination of grip and glide required for a fantastic massage. The massage video is designed for a couple to learn therapeutic massage techniques like easing muscle strain, relieving tension, and calming everyday stress. The content is general audience appropriate and walks a couple through a full body, therapeutic massage.

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This gift set is beautifully presented in a gift basket and comes with:

Details about each individual product included in this gift set:

  1. Massage Your Mate DVD
    A step-by-step, easy to follow guide of both Swedish massage and Shiatsu acupressure techniques, taught by one of the leading authorities on massage, Rebecca Klinger. A thorough, careful, all purpose class in massage techniques. The health advantages of massage are increased circulation of oxygen in the blood, easing muscle strain, relieving tension headaches, and calming everyday stress. Discover these secrets and share them with your friends.
    Visit the product detail page for the Massage Your Mate DVD.
  2. Unscented Massage Oil by Soothing Touch (8 oz)
    Experience the pleasure of a professional massage oil, that has that perfect combination of grip and glide required for a fantastic massage. Unscented massage oil is perfect for people who prefer the simplicity of a scent free oil or want to have a nice base oil for blending their own essential oil aroma.
    Visit the product detail page for Unscented Massage Oil.
  3. The Happy Company: Original Happy Massager
    Soothe away tension and ease tired sore muscles. The Happy Massage Tool is great for working out tight knots known as trigger points. It is a good tool for tighter spots like sholders and the neck. Or can be used to smooth away tension for larger muscle groups. Just apply just the right amount of pressure to those places were a massage would just feel really good, and feel your stress fade away.
    Visit the product detail page for The Happy Company: Original Happy Massage Tool.
  4. Palm Wax Votive Candle
    The beautiful candle is made from premium palm wax. Palm wax is an all natural, renewable resource. This candle burns gracefully creating the perfect peaceful, relaxing environment for your massage.


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