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Massage Stone Set
(60 Pc)


This is the ideal variety of massage stones to treat your client to an excellent hot stone therapy session. The 60 piece massage stone set is one of the most completed hot stone massage sets available. It includes extra-large, large, medium and small basalt massage stones as well as facial, back, eye, cold stones, trigger point and Chakra stones. The set includes a natural, handmade bamboo box to provide an efficient storage for your stones.

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About basalt massage stones:
While there are a number of types of stones included in this set, the majority of the stones are basalt. Basalt is a fine-grained, volcanic rock which is the most commonly used stone in massage because it naturally maintains heat. We never add fillers, so you?ll notice naturally occurring, volcanic imperfections in your massage stones.

Our massage stones ?virgin? which means that they are still have their natural, unpolished, grey texture. We don?t polish or oil the stones because we feel that the stones should have only the energy and oil absorption from the therapist that owns them. This creates a long term partnership and energy connection between you and your massage stones.


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