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Pressure Point Massage Tool
(Extra Large Size)


This Pressure Point massage tool is ideal for hard to reach trigger point pain relief. The simplicity of the design makes it light weight, easy to use and very durable even under the most extreme conditions. The Pressure Point is made of heavy gauge metal tubing resulting in a strong and ridid frame. Because of the unique shape of this tool, you only have to apply a little pressure to the tool to affect the perfect trigger point release pressure. Size 3/8", several color choices.

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How to use:

This simple procedure used regularly, is one of the most powerful ways to treat pain and dysfunction in the body.

Using Pressure Point- Just Follow these 4 Easy Steps

  1. Evaluate the "Hard Spot" - this hard spot is the trigger point. Not sure where to look? See the other side of this page for a few examples.
  2. Apply Pressure Point - when Pressure Point is applied to the trigger point a softening of the muscle will occur. You'll feel the stress and tension dissolve away as circulation improves and healing of the area starts.
  3. Hold the Pressure - when the release of the trigger point occurs - gently release and then reapply the pressure and hold for a minimum of 5 seconds or until the trigger point releases- to ensure that the relaxation is complete. Be sure to breathe out as the tension dissolves.
  4. Evaluate the Change - you will notice the immediate and lasting benefits of relaxed muscles at the trigger point and beyond to all the muscles influenced and controlled by the trigger point. Use Pressure Point regularly to maintain the relaxation.
  5. Use the Pressure Point device to apply sustained pressure for a minimum of 5 seconds or until the trigger point releases. Use Pressure Point to gently and effectively contact areas of tension, chronic trouble spots, toxin build-ups and trauma or injury.
  6. ** DO NOT Place Pressure Point Directly On Spine!


Dr. Robert J Brodeur
“ ... I do not hesitate to recommend the Pressure Point to anyone surrering from acute or chronic neck pain, back pain or myofascial pain syndromes.”

Carla Krause-Clark
Nation & Internation Figure Skating Medalist;
“ ... Pressure Point makes it easy to strech and work out the sore spots at the end of the day.”

Ryker Stoehr
“ ... After just minutes of applying pressure to my aching shoulders and back I feel refreshed, loosened up and ready to tackle the next project. Thanks Pressure Point!”


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